Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cereal Designers

Third Grade  

Cereal Designers
Third graders got to try out two art professions with this project: Food designers and Package Designers. Food designers design the aesthetics of food to make it more pleasurable to look at and eat. The kids used Model Magic clay to create bite sized cereal with unique shapes, color and texture. Next they took on the role of package designer and created a box that sells their cereal. They dissected two cereal boxes to learn what was needed on a cereal box which included a bowl, the cereal, a character, a call-out, and a title.

I knew this project would be fun, but I was really surprised how much the students enjoyed it. One boy in particular who usually doesn't finish art projects to completion made 3 cereal box ideas! I think it was because so much of it was about the idea over execution.  

I split the lesson up into 2 parts:

The first was designing the cereal. I had the kids shape 3-4 bite-sized pieces with model magic focusing on: size, color, shape, and texture. 

The second part was the cereal package designs. We looked at two cereal boxes and compared and contrasted them to make a list of what was important on our boxes. With guidance we decided on having: a bowl, a character, a call-out, and a fancy title. The first day working on the boxes we drew our bowls, out character and the call-out. The second day we finished that up, added pastel rubbed in backgrounds, and  and added the title. We found we needed a 3rd day to finish properly. 

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