Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hamster Hot Rod Race Cars

Sometimes it is the simplest projects the kids have the most fun with. The ones that give them a lot of choices.

We were inspired by the book Hamster Hot Rod by Cynthis Lord, illustrated by Derek Anderson. It is an adorable book, very sing songy. It is about a hamster who wants to enter a car race, but needs a race car. The book goes through decisions on how design his car. The kids really enjoy it and they start thinking about their decisions on their own car at every page.

(I need to warn you not to google the name of that book. Apparently there are rated x pics that use the same key words. If you want to see it go to amazon and look it up!)

Front cover

I start out teaching them howto draw a car in a few different ways. All of the examples start with a basic rectangle and two circles. Then they need to decide on a shape for their front end, a shape for the back end, and accessories. I don't make them choose what I showed them, but it helps get their ideas flowing by seeing a few ways to do it. I do however make them all start with the basic rectagle and wheels as the basis and have templates for just those shapes for them to trace around that way they all end up roughly the same size and since we will be adding onto the rectangle to make the shape of the car the templates won't deter their creativity.

Below, some student examples of day one of the assignment. We will work on it one more day and add wheels that spin with brass fasteners, cut it out,  and some sort of bling (yet to be determined).

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